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  Make A professional banner by offer plan includes 7 days of access to your banner as you Purchase it, you can make further changes/edits  your banner and permits download anytime within 7 days after purchasing.
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Since is selling non-tangible goods and we offers a FREE trial to ensure that your selected banner will meet your needs without the need to purchase, So we do not issue refunds after the Banner product is purchased. (there will be absolutely NO REFUNDS.)

which you are responsible for understanding upon purchasing any banner at our web site. Before deciding to purchase our banner, We make available for test it and download a free trial banner with watermark prior to purchasing. After purchaseing our watermark is removed from banner and you may not return the banner for a refund or credit.

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  For a FREE banner creator online service by You can create banners from this page anyway you wish, with no watermark from
This is a FREE service, so we do not offer modification or support. Generated Banners are not save on our servers. Please, Save your banner (with send to you by email) to your computer after finished creating.

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